Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Parades, BBQ's & Parties....

How are you planning to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend ? With A Big BBQ, A Party, A Parade ? Maybe Something to Honor Our Veterans ? I haven't recieved a RED POPPY in years...I love these..Such a great "Memorial Day" Tradition, Did you know "Memorial Day" actually started off being called "Decoration Day" ? .... The RED POPPY Signifies "Remembering those who died serving our Country"...
Read more History Here:

Here's Some pretty Cute Party Ideas for A Party or BBQ...Free Party Printables @
Oink! The blog of Piggy Bank Parties  .....

Some other Fun Ideas, Keep In Mind Fourth of July Parties are Interchangable with "Memorial Day" BBQs. Here's some Super Cute Suggestions:

And Finally, Some of My Past Projects....

Jello Jigglers Cut Into Stars....
Cupcakes of Course....

Hamburger Cupcakes

The Ultimate Sacrifice:
A Memorial Day Poem

We set aside Memorial Day
Each and every year
To honor those who gave their lives
Defending what we hold dear.

In all the dark and deadly wars,
Their graves prove and remind us,
Our brave Americans gave their all
To put danger far behind us.

They made the ultimate sacrifice
Fighting for the American way;
We admire them and respect them
On every Memorial Day.

By Joanna Fuchs

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