Saturday, March 12, 2011

Part 2: Cupcakes For Friend's Birthday Party~

I Decided to Tye Dye the Buttercream Frosting. It didn't come out as thick as it should have, but
has an Awesome flavor........


  1. I love the tie dye!! What do you think it needed to be a little thicker? I love that the recipe can be calculated for however many cupcakes you plan to make!! Thanks for sharing...I will probably be using this for Adrian's birthday party :)(and yes I know it's still 6 months away LOL but I'm just so excited to throw him a party hahah)

  2. Thank you~hehe....I know exactlly what it needed to make it a bit thicker, so the pipping would show up....less milk, more powdered sugar. Went exactlly by the recipe, on both batches but added the full 1/3 c. milk to the second batch, I actually kind of did it on purpouse, because the the flavor gets really drown out if you add to much powdered sugar.... :O)
    The tie dye was easy, some people use a wax paper or suran wrap technique, but i just did half purple and half it came out swirly....if you go with more than 2 colors,I would probably try one of those techniques....